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VPR Patient Outreach Program (VPR POP) is a unit of VPR Communications, which also includes VPR Creative Group, the agency behind 22 pharmaceutical product launches and countless marketing campaigns.

VPR has devoted 35 years to sharing the stories of those who know illnesses and diseases better than anyone – the people who live with them every day. Sometimes these stories are used to educate pharmaceutical sales professionals about the customers they so rarely meet, other times they are used to give a new perspective to healthcare professionals or to enlighten families of the newly diagnosed. 

When VPR Creative Group began the process of telling these stories through a variety of media in 1983, they were called “patient profiles”. 

Over the years, the word “patient” faded from our vocabulary. These are not simply “patients” or people receiving medical care – these are people thriving in the face of potentially life-threatening conditions. Real people…with true stories.

It was a natural evolution for VPR Creative Group to take these true stories to other people facing these conditions, using the power of peer communication to educate, motivate and inspire. VPR POP was formed to give these stories – and the incredible people who own them – the support of a company with a strong history and vast experience in healthcare communication.

Since its launch in 2010, VPR POP has developed robust programs in areas including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, oncology, rare diseases and transplant, training more than 400 patients who have delivered over 27,000 live programs and reached more than 1.5 million people.

Today, VPR POP combines its extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry with the unique perspective that comes only from those people living with – thriving with – chronic disease. Our mission is to facilitate that “pop”… that “spark” that comes when one peer makes a connection with another and a new story of hope and inspiration is born.

We’re proud of our work and the recognition we’ve received.

What makes us better, makes you better too.

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