Vickie Bottiger

Solutions Specialist

Vickie has been with VPR Creative Group for 23 years and now brings that same knowledge and experience to the VPR Patient Outreach Program organization.  Vickie provides Executive Support to both our President/CEO and to our Vice President, who manages and supports multiple accounts with marketing, consultation and events.

Vickie’s many responsibilities include (but are not limited to): selecting new partners to work with our team; overseeing necessary execution of contracts; touch point for all communication with our client partners; working hand-in-hand with the fulfillment organization to distribute all materials that support the A1C Champions program; booking travel and crews for special video projects; updating database needs across multiple platforms; acting as research lead for speakers, talent and location coordination for all events and productions; and managing traffic and job flow.

Vickie possesses high energy and a helpful attitude. She is known as the “Go-to-Gal” for any and all problem/solution situations that need a guiding hand and a watchful eye!